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The difference between vacuum clay brick making machine and clay brick machine

Vacuum brick machine is capable of making two bricks: one kind is clay bricks, another is porous adobe. Made adobe need not dry, through a manipulator automatic direct grab into the tunnel kiln green car, into the tunnel kiln firing, followed by professional a shipment of the kiln car kiln, palletizing waiting to be sold.

Another vacuum brick machine is not configured automanipulator, is caught by artificial brick and kiln firing into the car.

The process of vacuum brick machine make bricks, the first is a feeder, in enters the conveyor, in the roller machine and then enter the conveyor, re entering the biaxial mixer, at the entrance to the conveyor, re entering the vacuum brick machine. And then out of the mud, by the automatic cutting machine, cut off, automatic into the cutting machine, cutting machine has two kinds, one is manual operation, the other is automatic cutting. 

Blank cutting after enter the conveyor belt, by artificial catch brick and into the kiln firing on the car, and another blank cutting is by manipulator automatic grasping into the kiln car.

The porous brick is obtained by replacing the die head, also called the mouth, also called mud brick to realize porous brick. The other one is ordinary clay brick, is not a vacuum, can do the ordinary clay brick standard. Need to do laundry, brick blank drying, by special pull Adobe soil car, or artificial pull Adobe car, rushed to the drying, wet adobe is artificial layers cross code into a well ventilated wet adobe rack, to be dried after, by special pull dried brick car or manual pull dried brick car and rushed to the tunnel kiln or wheel kiln device technical ventilation, fire, burning red brick the national standard of quality products.

Clay brick machine and vacuum brick machine production process, basic smiled at each other, the host has the difference, one is the clay brick machine, another kind of is vacuum brick, clay brick machine need to configure the automatic machine and vacuum brick machine need to configure a dedicated transport wet brick machine, and the kiln car, car ferry, pull lead car, full automatic vacuum brick machine need manipulator configuration blank grasping, supporting the special automatic blank cutting machine, kiln car, car ferry, tractor.


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