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Low Price Clay brick making machine for sale in India

Clay is a little sand, sticky soil, the water is not easy to pass through so it has good plasticity. General clay is formed by the silicate minerals on the surface of the earth. Generally in situ weathering, the larger particles and the composition of the original stones, known as primary clay or once clay. This kind of clay is the main component of silica and alumina, white and refractory, the main raw materials of China clay.

Clay brick making machine

The clay brick machines have the advantages of reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, convenient maintenance, strong adaptability etc. The use of clay, fly ash, coal gangue, shale, rivers and other raw materials to produce a variety of hollow brick and solid brick.

Clay brick making machine is suitable for shale, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials to produce various specifications of hollow brick. Adopts the upper, lower structure of the machine, can be installed according to the terrain, can also be installed T-shaped. Upper and lower transmission use ZQ type national standard reducer and the axial pneumatic clutch, the body is welded with steel plate. The cutter surface uses wear-resistant material spray welding process, prolong the service life. Durable, easy to operate.

Clay brick machine is suitable for shale, coal gangue, fly ash, barren soil and other low plastic raw material for the production of hollow brick. The machine adopts a motor, through the axial pneumatic clutch through the reducer to drive the lower part of the mixing and the lower part of the synchronization. Compact structure, energy saving effect is obvious. Whole machine is the whole steel structure, all reducer are hard gear reducer. Reamer adopts wear-resistant materials spray technology, convenient repair, durable.

Clay brick making machine technical parameter:

you can ask my salemen for more detailed information.

Clay brick making machine

Supporting equipment:

The automatic cutting system, feeding machine, SJ series biaxial mixer, CSG500 * 800 roller derocker,adjustable track vertical cutting machine, automatic cutting machine.

Clay brick making machine price:

Henan shisheng clay brick machines have several type: 300 type, 350 type, 400 type, 500type. Each type has different capacity, so the clay brick making machines price is different. If you want to know the specific price, you should tell us your raw materials, materials water content, needed capacity, yield size, need or not matched equipments. And our engineers can provide the suitable scheme for customers.

Clay brick making machine suppliers:

There are many brick machines manufacturers all over the world, especially in China and in India. Henan shisheng machinery is specializing in the production of building materials machinery and brick machines, and is a leading manufacturer and exporter of clay brick making machine. We not only produce brick machinery, but also can design the brick production line for every customer according to the actual condition.

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