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Low price coal gangue brick making machine wholesale

Coal gangue is solid waste discharged in coal mining and coal washing process, is a kind of gray and black rock associated with coal in the process of coal, the carbon content is low, the harder than coal. Including tunnel digging gangue, mining process from the roof, floor and dissection of gangue and coal washing process to pick out the washing gangue. The main ingredients are Al2O3, SiO2, and CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, P2O5, SO3, Fe2O3 and trace rare elements (GA, V, Ti, CO).

The inorganic components of coal gangue are mainly silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, iron oxides and some rare metals. The chemical compositions rate: SiO2 is 52 - 65, Al2O3 is 16 - 36, Fe2O3 is 2.28 - 14.63, CaO is 0.42 - 2.32, MgO is 2.41 - 0.44, TiO2 is 4 - 0.90, P2O5 is 0.24 - 0.007, K2O+Na2O is 3.9 - 1.45, V2O5 is 0.008 - 0.03.

coal gangue brick making machine

Coal gangue brick making machine information:

Coal gangue brick extruder is used for producing a variety of hollow brick which is made of shale, coal gangue, with high fly ash and barren soil of low plasticity as raw materials. Extrusion pressure can reach up to 3.0 to 4.2. Motor should be equipped with both on the lower and higher level, adopts the structure of the upper and lower levels, according to the terrain of the or shaped installation. Blades of the reamer adopt the wear-resistant metallic materials coating technology to save times longer than the common reamer. Lead has the function of slight pressure delivery and high pressure extrusion which make the machine save energy from fifteen percent to thirty percent. For the whole steel structure, reducer adopts 1,000 and 650 reducer.

Main part of the coal gangue brick machine is made of the fierce alloy forging in order to extend the life cycle of equipment and reduce repair parts costs. Reamer is adopted wear-resistant materials and spray process, durable and easy to maintain.

Coal gangue bricks application:

coal gangue brick making machine

1, the surface texture of the product variety; the color is white, gray, brown, red, orange, purple and other mixed colors.

2, high temperature sintering, good durability, high compressive strength.

3, coal gangue brick, natural color, stable and lasting color does not fade. To capture the characteristics of the real clay tone's unique charm and passion and sintered clay.

4, soft natural colors. It is specially art to reflect the brick wall after processing through the years the quaint features. Its natural appearance with the soft lines, it is good to show the architectural simplicity of style.

5, its unique function can adjust the suction temperature, small climate.

6, need sand cushion, easy to use during sanding, can clean up.

7, coal gangue brick construction convenient repair.

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