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Automatic color tile making machine manufacturer for myanmar with lowest price

Automatic color tile making machine

Automatic color tile machine features:

1, multi-purpose machine, tile mode switching fast, fool type operation, low power consumption, CNC molding. Unique design, multi-function hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, fill the gaps in the domestic, large product density, high strength, variety, the replacement of mold can produce a variety of high-quality goods, is the high-quality goods of concrete products.

2, use imported advanced original, the preferred configuration. Imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, integrated control, automatic control. A change of traditional molding machine "oriented" positioning for the "four pole" precise positioning, the overall performance is more stable and reliable, productivity, finished higher, more than similar foreign products.

3, the latest equipment, advanced and efficient.

4, equipment investment is small, the speed is quick, the output is high.

Compared with ordinary mould pressing encaustic tile forming machine: high technical content, fast speed, high yield (single class output increased by 80%), high efficiency products, market prospects.

Molded high speed color tile machine equipment composition: 

1, molded tile forming machine;

2, wheel agitator;

3, quantitative feeder;

4, bucket hoist;

5, steel Watteau (with an initial investment of production can be custom 2000 pieces).

Color cement tile and clay tile comparation:

Project: color cement tile; clay tile  

Specification: 330mm * 420mm; 420mm * 240mm

Unit area cover piece: 9 pieces/m; 15 pieces/m

Color: color bright; color is single

Appearance: smooth, complete, no warping, no lack of crack, beautiful; poor integrity, multi warp, crack

Unit area weight: 9 pieces* 4.25kg/piece; 15 * 3.3kg/piece

Single chip bending force: <1500N; >1500N

Water absorption: >10%; <10%

Anti permeability (peri water test): no water drops on the back; drop of water on the back

Service life: 50-100 years; 20-40 years

Automatic color tile making machine

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