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  • 200k Road-edge Stone Brick Making Machine

200k Road-edge Stone Brick Making Machine

Model: 200k  

Power: 5.5 KW


Application: highly automated, low noise, long performance life,easy to operate


The 200k road-edge stone making machine  adopt the hydraulic drive, integrated oil way, and electrical control, it has many features: highly automated, low noise, long performance life, easy to operate, contact construction,and so on. The movable sliding beam in the machine can receive the strengh evenly, and the cover of the mold can not be turned easily, the location is very accurate and reliable. It can realize the function of return and stop automatically.


Road-edge stone brick making machines use sand, industrial wastes, slag, slag can be the road tiling raw materials, add a little cement, through road-edge stone machine pressure molding, but also through the mould replacement, making different types of road-edge stone,hollow block machine, road-edge stone brick, lawn brick, permeable brick, heterosexual brick, suitable for road, road, square, highway laid, improving the city's ecological environment, beautify urban environment, protect the soil is not lost.

>>Technical Data

ItemSpecificationPiece /mouldPiece/dayPiece/year
Road-edge brick1000*300*200(mm)1800240,000
Tiles for the road250*250*40(mm)45,5001650,000
Slope pretection brickOpposite side500(mm )hexagonal23,000900,000

Max.pressure200t (main machine)+8t (jacking)
With power5.5KW (main machine)+2.2KW (jacking)
Vollum of hopper220L
Overall dimension1650*2000*2600(mm)
Weight of the machine5t


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