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Mobile Cutting Machine


Mobile Cutting Machine

The mobile cutting machiney is the indispensable equipment in it.The tilting hanger turns over the mould 90C in the air, demouldds the blank and puts it on the cutting table along with the side plate. The blank on the cutting table is cut by the vertical cutting machine driving through the motor with its own running, and walk at the pause position after cutting. Then the cutting machine is driving through the motor with its own running to the center of the blank to finish horizontally cutting. The horizontal cutting frame drops and cuts vertically from up to down until it is reset upward. The cross cutting holder landed vertically from top to bottom until reset. and this machine was included by the brick making equipments.


1. Simple and practical structure, easy installation and maintenance;

2. After turning over the blank, stands vertically with the width of 600mm and the height of 1200mm, so that the cutting wire can be shorter and cutting precision can be more exactly without breaking and drifting.

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